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Share Your Story • Peter Sereque • November 26, 2012

Wouldn't it be grand to terraform Mars?

I can't remember when I could not read. My favorite things to read in my teen years were scientific articles and science fiction--Ray Bradbury, Isaac Azimov and others. At 70, I still read Scientific American, Discover, Smithsonian, etc. In this era of budgetary constraints it probably makes the most sense to continue unmanned explorations for awhile. These, however, will never fully satisfy mankind's desire to actually go where we want to explore. Unless there are fundamental changes in our theories of physics, we will never be able to explore much further than the limits of our own solar system. For many reasons, even for planets in our solar system, we cannot actually set foot on most of them. So, it would seem to be reasonable to concentrate on robotic missions. But, wouldn't it be grand to terraform Mars? Sincerely, Peter Sereque

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