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Share Your Story • Gill Wright • November 26, 2012

Lunar Tea with my God Daughter & Friends

My God Daughter just started college in September with a strong interest in Exobiology, Physics, Dark Energy/Dark Matter and Astronomy. Over the years I have watched her growing awareness of the limits of our knowledge, from life within our 'Gravity Well' of our collective perspectives. We have talked at length about the human potential of Aerospace and the eventual discovery of faster than light travel, and the steps that Humanity will take to accomplish "WARP Drive", at some point in the future to be explored.

Before those discoveries are accomplished, we as a species, will have to live in space, outside of the protective cocoon of the Van Allen Belts. The Moon is a logical place to begin these efforts in the years to come. There is abundant solar power to transform the lunar regolith into useful materials for space settlement and habitation. Given time and the will, to apply the resources to "make it so". It seems to me the combined efforts of Virgin Galactic, Space X, Bigalow Aerospace, Straolaunch, and others, is building the diversified industrial space transportation infrastructure that will get us to the moon in the next 10 to 20 years. Combined with the declared intentions of the Chinese space program to put people on the Moon sometime after 2020, you have the 'marketing moment' to motivate national egos. Not unlike the International Geophysical Year of 1957 & 1958 , with Sputnik and Explorer, which launched the space race of the 60's.

Personally, I have promised my God Daughter, that I will visit her on the moon sometime in the next 20+ years, when she is working on the moon. I will bring the tea, coffee, home made banana bread, and fresh fruits from Earth. We will watch the shadow of the moon transit the surface of the Earth, and two weeks later watch the Moon slip into the shadow of the Earth. I want to see the small marble of a planet that we live upon, with my own eyes. I want to watch the Earth rotate from a lunar perspective. That is my Vision of Space from watching the first Apollo mission land on the Moon some 43 years ago, to where we are today, and my intention to share tea with my God Daughter and her friends watching the shadows moving upon our home.

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