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Share Your Story • Sonja • December 2, 2012

Little girls dream of space.

I was a child of the early '50s, had three sisters and while we didn't have much money - we had an acre of land. One of my favorite memories as a child is being outside on a summer night, lying on an old blanket with my family and looking at the stars. My mom would announce when Sputnik passed over and I was amazed that humans had an object in space that I could see from my backyard. Shooting stars were always a bonus sighting. My big sister and I would draw dials, fuel gauges and "space-rocket-control-panel stuff" out of old shoe box lids, swing on the swing set in our backyard, pretending to be captains of spaceships. I grew up, not to be a scientist, but to be the mom of a special needs child who loves space, science and shares my layman's passion. We participated in this year's Planetfest. Nothing felt better than to be in that room when Curiosity landed with people who share the same passion and vision. Witnessing history with him was the greatest gift. While I'm up in years, I hope to see humans on the Moon and Mars someday.

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