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Share Your Story • David Kaye • December 3, 2012

It Began With "Red Planet," by Robert Heinlein.

It Began With

When I was a young boy I read "Red Planet," by Robert Heinlein. It inspired my to read science fiction books by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, Theodore Sturgeon and many, many, more. Space, and science fiction, became a life-long passion for me. I am now frustrated by the reduced funding for NASA projects. But, I am encouraged by the vision of civilians like Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. I became a microwave engineer and am now a Life Member of the IEEE. I have worked on a number of significant space programs. I later became a Sr. Editor of Electronic Design magazine and wrote extensively on space technology. Later, I founded a high-tech PR firm that I ran for 32 years, before retiring. I am now advocating assembly of space craft either at the International Space Station or at a permanent base on the Moon. I truly appreciate the efforts of The Planetary Society and hope that you will support its many innovative projects.

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