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Share Your Story • Ken • December 2, 2012

Is space for us?

My father, whom I did not get along with in many ways, and I shared a love for looking at the moon during the 50's when I was growing up. It was exciting to see the first moonwalk by Armstrong, and has been exciting to see the Mars lander bring back information. Most inspirational however have been the pictures from Hubble. Seeing other galaxies and universes. The mathematical probability that we are not alone is great, but do we really want to make contact? Could a superior race not enslave us? So many of the planets are gaseous and uninhabitable and too far to get to with a manned expedition. We spend millions on one shot while many here are starving. Do we have our priorities in the right place? I think we need to step back and ask ourselves is it worth the sacrifice. I for one don't think space is for us.

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