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Share Your Story • Hans Cummings • November 28, 2012

I Credit Hollywood

Hollywood has made many missteps over the years, and some say they are now (and have been for some time) bereft of creativity, but I do credit the vision of several people in Hollywood with exciting my passion for space and space exploration. As a small child, I remember watching re-runs of Star Trek. For a long time, that optimistic vision of Gene Roddenberry was my vision of the future. Star Wars got me excited about the endless array of adventures possible in a space setting, and finally, The Right Stuff showed me that there was plenty of excitement to be had in learning about real life space exploration. I watched shuttle launches, I visited Redstone Arsenal and Cape Canaveral. I wanted to become an astronaut so I could join the real heroes of modern day exploration in their quest for knowledge. My path has not led me to that end, but I explore space now through others and try to bring some of the joy and wonder I have about discovery in my writing. I hope I can inspire the next generation of explorers.

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