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Share Your Story • Alan Turk • November 26, 2012

Hurry up!

I used to think there was a chance I could live long enough to see the day when the first man (or woman) set foot on Mars. I'm now 74, and that possibility seems to be rapidly vanishing. Is there still hope for that? Well, maybe, but I don't really think so. But it's so much more than just a beautiful dream. One day, it's going to happen - we will all be extinguished in one way or another, whether by asteroid impact, global disease, war, climate change or something as yet not thought of. If we truly want to survive, we simply have to get out there and get at least one extra-terrestrial colony going. Mars should be just the first of many. So hurry up and do it, not just for my dream, but for the entirety of the human race.

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