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Share Your Story • John Newcomb • January 15, 2013

How Lucky Can You Get?

It all started with airplanes. I was fascinated. I read World War 2 Aircraft Training Manuals like other kids read funny books. Later that interest began to be shared with space and the cosmos. And when I read George Gamow’s books, One – Two – Three -- Infinity and The Birth and Death Of The Sun I was hooked. I was going to work at NASA. That decision came early in my life before I exited high school. I was then lucky enough to live the dream. After college I went to work at the NASA Langley Research Center just in time to work on the Lunar Orbiter Project in which we placed 5 Lunar Orbiters around the Moon and photographed the Apollo landing sites. Then on to the Viking Project in which we placed the first landers on Mars in 1976.

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