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Share Your Story • K. Christensen • November 19, 2012

Future of Science

The on-going expansion of our universe serves as a fundamental law of nature. This law can be viewed as a metaphorical fuel to our species habits, we as humans have quested for more and will continuely require new resources. The future of mankind is thus interwoven between the future of science, because its is mainly science that fuels technological advancement. Ever since Newtons principia classical mechanics has been transformed and tailored to a plethora of other scientific establishments. Examples of such as thermochemistry, quantum mechanics, business economics, modern ideal gas law etc. Human's ingenuity will now need to apply engineering, scientific, and economic expertise to cope with the growing demands of resources of the future. Major reforms in utilization of energy especially in space programs extend pur basic understanding of how the universe works and maybe one day astronauts whom would refer to us as ancestors will find extraodinary galactic manifestations of nature and be able to truly reign supreme in their environment.

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