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Share Your Story • Mike Buffington • November 26, 2012

From an Engineering Perspective

One thing that helps push innovation is necessity. So many great technologies we enjoy here on our planet can be attributed to the space program and it's need to develop technologies to succeed in space exploration. (We need to increase, not decrease the government's budget for space exploration for any of my ideas to work Mr. President & Congress.) In my mind, two missions or initiatives can help spur more innovation. First, would be a mission to Europa. If a water ocean does indeed exist under its frozen surface I think it has one of the better chances for supporting life in our solar system, excluding earth of course. Second, and what I think is key to all future space exploration missions is needing to find a way to make getting payloads into space faster and cheaper. Whether it be a moon base where we mine and construct mission vehicles, a space elevator, or some yet-unimagined method. Thank you for letting me express my "two cents." - Mike

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