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Share Your Story • Robert MAtcovich • December 3, 2012

Franklin Institute

My earliest 'cool' memories are of sitting in the Franklin Institute Planetarium in Philadelphia, PA. With encouragement from my dad, I would look at the night sky in wonderment and imagine the possibilities. The Space Race was in full swing and we were going to put a man on the moon! There was one problem, looking from the backyard, there were never as many stars in the sky as in my space books. That's were the Planetarium came into play. In the Planetarium, not only could you see ALL the stars but, you could see the stars from the Southern hemisphere too! And the fantastic trips they took you on . . . seeing the Earth from the moon, being a speck on a comet and traveling through the galaxy, being a miner on Mars, how couldn't you be excited? What a GREAT time! Nobody ever fell asleep in those classes!

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