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Share Your Story • J. Erik Hendrickson • November 28, 2012



My father encouraged me from the very beginning to ask questions, to observe the world around me, to be curious, to try to figure things out. Here's a picture of me in a bassinet soon after my parents adopted me. Obviously, Mitsy was faithfully guarding me, but notice the leather binocular box and the telescope with a wooden tripod in the corner. Parents must encourage an interest in science with their kids, even if they are not experts. No one in my family had ever gone to college, but the inquisitiveness that they instilled in me led me to college (BS in physics), then to graduate school (PhD in condensed matter physics), and now I am a university professor in a physics & astronomy department. I share my fun & interesting science demos with my classes, with the public, with K-12 classes, with retirement groups, with anyone who will listen! The more interest in science that I can drum up in our society, the greater our future will be!!

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