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Share Your Story • April Marie Eden • January 15, 2013



Daughter of Trekkie parents and home-schooled preachers kid Pageant girl living in HOLLYWOOD! I always deeply loved Sci-Fi,thanks to my Trekkie family, but was never thought actual science until I began to learn it for myself. I joined the Planetary Society at PlanetFest and have been a "Space Case" ever since. I speak often on the show about the Society and SPACE and even just released a "SPACE NEWS REPORT" 2012 and BEYOND! The unity the Curiosity brings is the spark of hope to me. At the moment I produce a web series that finds talented girls who are interested in science and sci fi and I produce YouTube channels around them. We have a Kickstarter Campaign running for 3 more days and hope to eventually become the spokes women for Space Travel and Exploration! Thank you for helping me find my dream and "make it so". "Never Give you, NEVER surrender"

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