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Share Your Story • Ted Forte • November 26, 2012

Dream, pragmatically

If only our resources were limitless ... But they are not. Dreams must be tempered. I think the two most important goals to pursue are: 1. Concentrate on the mechanics of global defense. There will come a day when we find our planet in the path of a killer asteroid. Our chances of survival will be dependent on early detection, on what we've learned about the composition of asteroids, and on the technologies we've developed to alter the path of an orbiting body. 2. Promote commercialization of space. I think the history of exploration and colonization here on earth demonstrates that commercial enterprise will be the driving force behind truly large scale endeavors in space. I think The Planetary Society should be focused toward progressing these two goals. I share the dreams that my fellow TPS members have expressed , in fact, I have yet to read here of an idea or fantasy that doesn't titillate my imagination and magnify my longing. If we survive, and if we find the resources and the economic incentive to explore and colonize, we will eventually do most, if not all of what is on our wish lists.

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