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Share Your Story • Cheryle Hughes • December 2, 2012

Dragons in the Sky

As a child my bedroom window looked South and I would kneel by it and look at the sky, There ws a huge dragon in the Southern horizon, and as my June astronomical sign was a dragon, I assumed this one was mine. (I don't know what my dragon really is) Soon the whole night sky was mine. I dreamed of the Universe for years. Isaac Azimov's books thrilled me. Then I discovered A. C. Clarke. The movie "2001 a Space Odyssey" made me yearn for space, but I was a female and felt left out of everything great. The night Neil Armstrong stepped out on the moon is a memory I'll never forget. My sister and I called him Jack Armstrong the All American Boy after the radio show of our childhood. Later, of course, some females got a chance at NASA. By then, I was too old to get into that dream. Oh, well, I still dream of space. Now my dream is that Heaven will be open to us after death. I dream of zooming around the Universe and to see the marvels up close. (I don't really believe this, but wouldn't that be loverly?)).

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