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Share Your Story • Ian Miller • November 19, 2012

Dig on Mars

I would like to see deep digging at the very bottom of Hellas Planitia, or a ponding region of the Reull Vallis. I believe some slow fluid flow on Mars was due to ammonia dissolved in water, which flows at >194 degrees K. The ammonia would be removed to form ammines or urea-type derivatives, which would lie beneath the surface, and this also helps explain why Mars has so little nitrogen in the air. For those that say ammonia is unstable, at 3.2 BGy BP, the only sample of Earth's seawater remaining was consistent with ~ 10% of the nitrogen on Earth being in the form of ammonia. I confess, I would love to see a theory nobody believes possible to be evidentially proven. Of course I may have to concede I could be wrong, but what is wrong with testing a theory?

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