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Share Your Story • Robin L Gallagher • December 12, 2012

Catskill Mountain Dark Skies

Growing up in the 60's, I followed John Glenn and all launches thereafter on our b&w TV. My first little girl crush was Astro Boy. My Aunt Mimi lived over an hour away in the Cattskill Mtns. Of NY next to the Esopus Stream. Lovely going to sleep after seeing stars so clear! Mimi showed me the Big and Little Dipper (yes, could see the wee one fully). I was hooked not only with space, but with the pure joy of looking up and wondering. All that sparked my passion for hard Sci-Fi, Clarke, Assimov, Heinlein and all that is Star Trek. May we find our world similar one day, no monetary gain, living to improve and explore and care for all.

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