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Share Your Story • Ahmed Abdullah • November 26, 2012



Project Space Real-estate is just about complete. My name is Ahmed Abdullah and as an interplanetary structural systems designer I step onto the loading dock of the most fascinating low earth shuttle vehicles created by a private space craft company I ever seen. My stomach had knots as I could not believe after years of planning and 1000’s of man hours; Club Leo was one month from opening and accommodating its 1st 50 lucky guest. As a technology geek as well as an entrepreneur, I constantly think of unique and new ways of making money. As a child I was always fascinated with space exploration. When I became an adult my fascination grew to include the commercialization as well of space. Only second to my first hopes of participating in some organized asteroid mining project, I sometimes imagine a place of fantasy and romance involving space tourism. The shuttle was amazing featuring dual beam ion thruster’s as its primary propulsion systems powered by ultra-high power/mass ratio power supplies; until now was possible only in theory. Once in low earth orbit the shuttle switch to self powered solar thermal thrusters. The passenger section was surprisingly comfortable with cushion seats and Velcro like material that secured passengers without the need for seat belts. Approaching Club Leo reminded me of scenes from battlestar galactica. As we docked with Club Leo there seem to be a silence that covered the shuttle. There was other technicians and scientist present to finalize all systems and envelopes for the opening on New Years Eve. As the shuttle docked with main craft, we landed smoothly and safely. As the shuttle doors open we were standing in the main shuttle bay; were we was approach by the crew and escorted into the entrance of the club. As we stepped through the air seal sliding bay doors, I heard nothing but awes and wows as how beautiful amazing and mystical the inside of the club looked. The entire atrium was all glass and you had a front seat to the most fascinating views you will ever witness of earth. This was no ordinary glass as it was able to block solar radiation and with stand small meteor impacts with out enduring a scratch. There were bars that stretch the entire length of the structure. The club had another level above main club were customer hotel like rooms were. These rooms appeared to have nothing but a small cushion pillow bed surrounding a round table in the center. Wow, I don’t believe I forgot to mention the most interesting feature of the entire structure. Almost an hour had passed and I notice I wasn’t floating. The artificial gravity wheel that circled the structure allowed us to move freely around the club as if we were on earth. I proceed to the control room to start my assignment, as I scurried down the entrance tunnel I heard a loud alarm instructing us to return to loading dock…. TO BE CONTINUE………………..

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