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Share Your Story • Angela • December 2, 2012

Born on the 20th of July

I spent my 9th birthday glued to the TV day and night, even though in those days we spent every summer day outside playing; watching the moon landing was worth staying inside for. In my youthful enthusiasm, I assumed "we" would be heading for Mars next. I am now 52 years old, and more than a bit disillusioned that "we" opted to fight a bunch of wars over oil rather than explore space, which would have made the military industrial complex just as rich, if not richer, and no one's country would have needed to have been sacrificed for it. All the infinite possibility of space exploration still remains, including the development of alternative energy sources, which we so desperately need today. And the excitement of new frontiers will never go away. Even at age 52 and beyond, I would love to see people make it to Mars.

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