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Share Your Story • Stephen Vandivere • November 26, 2012

An unusual kind of "space"

I suspect there are many more qualified than I to suggest space projects, so I offer something different. The Planetary Society has reached out to the general public to share excitement in space exploration and technology. But I am appalled at the apparent number of people who still do not believe global warming is taking place. I believe the cause may be that, due to a poor understanding of how scientific research is conducted, many have not seen through the misinterpretation of events presented by news media or other deniers. For that matter, it is probable that some news reporters suffer from the same ignorance. If global warming is not addressed as the serious threat it is, there will be no money at all for NASA. The delay has been so great, that may already be an unavoidable consequence. I therefor propose that the Society's major focus should be on finding ways to generate still more interest in science education among both adults and youth.

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