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Share Your Story • Hugo A. Durantini Luca • December 10, 2012

A static and finite world

I think what the people gives for granted the advance of humanity and technology, the common of the people, in the past and now, never thinks in the necessary steps to get a new innovation what later become a common thing and are only interested in the final result. In the space exploration stops, if we stop to look at the sky and wonder for what we can find out there, at first maybe will be little difference, but in the middle and long run the price will be high, even too high, for our specie and even the planet. In a world like that, at the current rate of expansion a consumption of natural resources, we will star to notice a few thing: a planet deteriorating every day more faster, no more new developments for lack of resources or knowledge, social degradation for the lack of higher stimulus and goals. It will not be an instant process, but give it a few decades and you will see the results. Of course, putting aside the possibility of a mayor natural disaster where the lack of option could mean directly the extinction. If we want to continue our path forward the infinite frontiers we need to keep pushing to sustain what we have now and create new space explorations programs, we need to be more bold a fight to see missions to the outer planets like Neptune and moons like Europa, Enceladus or Titan. The mains problem stopping us right now are lack of political commitment toward space exploration and science, lack of education of the society in the subject (this is applicable not only to the general public but to a lot of politicians too), and lack of global social consensus about the steps to ensure the future of humanity beyond any particular country ambitions. The path will be difficult, but we must go on, not only for our personal goals, ambitions or dreams, but for the future generations, for their dreams. If we lower our arms, our children´s will be the one paying the price. See the wonderful video of melodysheep about our story in one minute if you not know it. We must keep working to make possible a second part after the end of that video.

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