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Share Your Story • Sergio Sestili • November 26, 2012

A metro connection with the Moon

Hi, my first vision for the future is the realization of a permanent space station in orbit around the Moon (let's call it IMSS) and a direct connection between ISS and IMSS. IMSS would be equipped with hardware to land to the surface of the moon and take off to come back to the IMSS. In this way a Moon mission would be divided in 3 smaller flights, Earth-ISS, ISS-IMSS (no need for landing vehicle), IMSS-Moon surface and back. Possibly the same "3 stop metro" idea could be replicated toward Mars. As the following step I'd see Mars and from there to Europa, Enceleadus, Titan, asteroid belt. The best would be an International shared effort, just like the one who gave life to ISS, explore the solar system as humans-from-earth.

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