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Share Your Story • Martin Lee Collin • December 10, 2012

A fortuitous visit

When i was just 6 years old my folks took me to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and glory of the heavens and instantly became an avid amateur astronomer. Although i'm now a geologist and a land-use planner, astronomy has remained my passion. I avidly read the Planetary Report, Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, and other astronomical journals, and particularly appreciate your outstanding commentary, Emily! We're blessed to be living in a particularly productive era that's opening new realities to enhance the vistas of our imagination at a seemingly logarithmic rate. It's almost breathtaking to anticipate what new insights will further enhance our perspective on the universe in the near future. You guys at the Planetary Society are truly leading carrying the ball, coaxing and inspiring the scientific and political powers -that-be towards new breakthroughs, while sparking the enthusiasm of lay persons such as me to get behind your efforts. Carry on, in your brilliant work!

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