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Share Your Story • Neil Bibler • December 10, 2012

A Simple Start

A Simple Start

I remember lying on my family's lawn in Fort Worth, Texas, around age 9 watching "shooting stars" and marveling. I read tons of science fiction _ before it turned more into fantasy and myth than science. I watched a black and white TV picture with wonder as man walked on the moon _ and the whimsical child's toy that stood on the table at the same time seemed an appropriate coemmentary. Today I marvel at the detailed photos of Mars and the spacecraft photos of moons and planets _ and the views of Earth from the International Space Station. And I struggle to understand discussions of the first few seconds after the Big Bang, and of "multiverses," and at being on the verge of interstellar space. I'll go to my grave still filled with wonder at and about all that we find. So, what sparked my passion? Wanting to know.

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