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Share Your Story • William B. Svoboda MD (Gerald Haag Humason) • December 2, 2012


As a small child I became fascinated with the skies, especially the planets but also the stars. I exhausted our local library's children and then adult sections on astronomy. I persuaded by parents who traveled a lot, to take me to every planetarium and 2 observatories (Mt. Wilson & Mt Palomer Observatories when I was 12 years of age. I traveled to total eclipses of the Sun and to the Yutan Penninsula to watch Halley's Comet. However I never realized that the love of astronomy could be an inherited trait. At my retirement, I finally did a family genealogical research for my birth parents, successfully. To my surprise I found that my great uncle was Milton Humason, the astronomer of Mt. Wilson-Mt. Palomer fame. It seems that perhaps Astronomy does run in the genes!

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