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Share Your Story • Robert N Luther • December 10, 2012

A Dream

As a young lad I would sit and gaze at the starry sky at night and dream about what was there. I would wonder who was out there and how far they might be. I could imagine all kinds of scenes on some of the planets that I could only read about. The more I looked the more I wanted to know and the more fascinated I became. It did not seem right that we were the only people and to this day I still do not believe that. paragraph text I sat and gazed at the moon with the naked eye and with a poor set of field glasses and never got over being amazed. The moon mountains and the craters I could barely see were a magnet to me at all ages. I decided at a young age that I wanted to go there but at that time I had no idea how to do it. paragraph text After I completed my electronic engineering work at the University of Tennessee I went to work in Huntsville, Alabama as a NASA contractor and worked in the Space Program from SA-2 (the second Saturn vehicle) through Space Shuttle STS-21. The big Saturn was really my baby because through it and the technology we developed at Marshall Space Flight Center (and other centers) I was, and still am, convinced that we can truly go to the stars. The Lunar Landings were a culmination of a part of my dream although I was not able to go myself. I was, and still am, proud that I helped others go and feel well represented. I left the Space Program after Space Shuttle Flight 21 (STS-21) but that is another story to be told. I still dream of going to the stars, as many of the great German scientists and others I was so privileged to know and work with, believed we could do. At my retired age now perhaps it will be in another life or maybe in another mode. However, I am still convinced I and we can and will do that. I thank you for asking. Robert N. Luther

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