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A Cold Dark World

Matthew Marchese, Esq.

December 10, 2012

A world without hope, without inspiration, without a cadre of people (i.e., astronauts, scientists & engineers)through whom,the rest of humanity,can vicariously take pride in and live with through the exploration of the "final Frontier". A world of diminishing resources, pollution and an incredible disparity between the few "have's" and the far more numerous "have not's". A world where democracy will no longer be a viable form of government because civil unrest will become so widespread that even if its called a democracy it will be, in reality a military state. The powerful few dictating to the rest. Where the masses are distracted by "bread & circus's" (It's started already - reality TV, etc.) If mankinds reach does not exceed its grasp, as a species, we will eventually wither and die; a slow, polluted and very likely violent death. Leaving all of one's eggs in one basket is never a good idea. We must expand and grow. I pray that humanity never becomes so short sighted and petty that we cease doing what is difficult, costly and magnificant simply because the "bottom line" does not reveal a monetary profit in the near future.


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