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Share Your Story • Matthew Marchese • December 10, 2012

A Childs First Impression

Some of my earliest and vivid memories is watching the Apollo launches from the Cape. Being born in 1961 I was old enough to actually watch Neil Armstrong take that historic 1st step on to surface of the Moon. My interest in the space program was reinforced by a series of books for youngsters "MIKE MARS" by Donald Wolheim. After reading the 1st Book (about a secret space program that paved the way for the original 7) I was hooked! I could not get enough science fiction to read - Heinlein, EE "Doc" Smith, Asimov, Clarke, Bova or to watch. I remember Star Trek being on NBC during prime time. Ever since I have dreamed of a world where space flight operations are as common place as airline travel. As an American, as a citizen of this Earth and as a student of history, the "Final Frontier" calls to our human heritage of exploration. The "Conquest of Space" (to borrow from a movie title) and mankind's expansion beyond the surface of our world has been my dream since I was 7 years old. Unfortunately, I will not live to see a human walk on the surface of Mars, but I believe that one day we will. adventure worthy of a s

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