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Share Your Story • Gwendolyn D. Adams-Evans • December 3, 2012

300-pound Robonaut, R2B,

300-pound Robonaut, R2B,

My passion for space has always been an interest to me since I was a 10 year old child. I use to lie on my back in the grass at night in my backyard, in the summer and winter months to watch the patterns in the stars on an ebony canvas. On my imaginary voyage into space, I imagined myself floating upwards to the universe. I use to draw patterns of stars I would dream about on a piece of notebook paper and eagerly await nightfall to match my patterns to the sky. Sometime I would be almost correct. Now, in the future as an adult and a member of the Planetary Society, I am so excited about the discoveries NASA has found on Mars, the Moon and other planets. I am very intrigued by Planet X. I was swept me off my feet when discoveries were made of possible life on Mars, including the new journey of going under the surface of Mars is absolutely thrilling to me. What kind of life I wonder is there. Was it at all possible if life had actually lived there, is yet one more step into the mysteries of planets that surround Earth. Two more of my many excited moments for my passion for space, was sparked even more when NASA will send a Rover to the Moon in search of water in 2017! Secondly, a 300-pound Robonaut, R2B,is supposed to aide Astronauts as new discoveries are made in the future, as its twin R2A is in wait of its job description. That is exciting! I really look forward to more new discoveries from NASA.

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