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71. Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3!

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 01:50:00 CDT 2012)

I just went to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera home page to begin downloading a massive image to pore over and discuss, and what should I find there but a photo of the Apollo 12 landing site, which includes the earlier robotic la...

Description: Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3!

72. How Does NASA's Ban on Russian Contact Affect Curiosity?

(Web Page; Fri Apr 04 12:11:00 CDT 2014)

On Wednesday, the political crisis in Crimea spilled into the space program, as NASA circulated an internal memo stating that it was breaking off most contact with Russia. The only activities specifically exempted from this ban related t...

Description: Earlier this week, NASA announced that it was cutting off ties with Russia, except for activities relating to the ISS. This raised questions about Russian participation on NASA's science missions, particularly the Russian experiment on the Curiosity rover.

73. Watch LADEE Launch to the Moon with The Planetary Society

(Web Page; Tue May 29 04:50:00 CDT 2018)

Seating for the event is sold out. Please watch the live webcast above, starting at 7:30pm PDT / 10:30pm EDT. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) blasts off for the moon on Friday, September 6. We're going to...

Description: Starting at 7:30pm PDT/10:30pm EDT, we will webcast a special event around the launch of NASA's next lunar spacecraft. Watch our special coverage with lunar scientists and live video from the launch site, as well as NASA TV footage of the launch itself.

74. Another lunar lander photographed: Surveyor 1!

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 01:50:00 CDT 2012)

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera team has managed to capture a view of Surveyor 1, the first American spacecraft to soft-land on another world. Cool!NASA / GSFC / ASUSurveyor 1 found!Surveyor 1 was the first US spacecraft to land...

Description: Another lunar lander photographed: Surveyor 1!

75. Our members are flying on Glory

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:00:00 CDT 2012)

Glory, launching in June 2009, will be an Earth-orbiting satellite that will study aerosols in the atmosphere and solar irradiance, both of which are important inputs into Earth's energy balance and global climate. The Glory mission ann...

Description: Our members are flying on Glory

76. News from Mars and Capitol Hill

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 01:59:00 CDT 2012)

by Louis FriedmanLouis Friedman, Executive Directorome recent news -- first the good: the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has resumed its fantastic photography mission over Mars. The spacecraft had shut itself down after its computer unex...

Description: News from Mars and Capitol Hill

77. Shadowland

(Web Page; Mon Aug 05 15:42:00 CDT 2013)

Something pretty amazing happens at the north and south poles of the Moon: there are places where the sun never shines. Like at the Earth's poles during the winter, the sun makes a great circle through the course of the day just below th...

Description: Seasons, sunlight, and shadow at the Moon's north pole

78. The Walls of the Pit

(Web Page; Mon Aug 26 16:43:00 CDT 2013)

One of the world's largest open-pit mines delves into Utah's Oquirrh Mountains. The Bingham Canyon Mine is four kilometers wide and reaches nearly a kilometer deep. You could stack two of Chicago's Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower) o...

Description: A deep lunar crater exposes some of the Moon's secrets.

79. Go LADEE!

(Web Page; Tue Sep 10 10:40:00 CDT 2013)

It was another party for space exploration last Friday as Planetary Radio Live once again took the stage at Southern California Public Radio's Crawford Family Forum. This week's episode of the show features selected excerpts, including ...

Description: Listen to or watch the recording of our live celebration for LADEE as the spacecraft blasted off for the moon.

80. Is this SMART-1's impact site?

(Web Page; Sat Sep 19 09:08:00 CDT 2015)

Speaking of spacecraft crashing...I was reading the May 2010 issue of Icarus and came across a paper tersely titled "The SMART-1 lunar impact," by M.J. Burchell, R. Robin-Williams, and B.H. Foing. It was an interesting paper because ther...

Description: Speaking of spacecraft crashing...

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