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1. SMART-1 at the Moon

(Web Page; Mon Sep 10 16:33:00 CDT 2018)

Features 6 Our Adventures With Juno: Dave Stevenson and Ari Berlin bridge generations with NASA's latest mission to Jupiter. 9 Out of This World Books: Recommended space literature for your home library. 12 SMART-1: Europa at the Moon: B...

Description: Our Adventures with Juno, by Dave Stevenson and Ari Berlin; Out of This World Books; SMART-1: Europe at the Moon, by Bernard H. Foing

2. SMART-1 Goes to the Moon

(Web Page; Fri Aug 09 09:51:00 CDT 2019)

Bernard Foing of the European Space Agency previews the SMART-1 mission to the moon, launching soon. Also, Peter Smith talks about winning NASA's 2007 Scout mission competition with the Phoenix lander, and we hear the funniest names for ...

Description: SMART-1 Goes to the Moon

3. Europe's SMART-1 Reaches the Moon!

(Web Page; Fri Aug 09 09:06:00 CDT 2019)

Pushed along by its ion engine, the European Space Agency's SMART-1 probe has just gone into lunar orbit. We talk with ESA Chief Scientist--and SMART-1 Project Scientist--Bernard Foing. Emily holds a mirror up to our own galaxy, the Milk...

Description: Europe's SMART-1 Reaches the Moon!

4. Europlanet : Simulating the SMART-1 impact

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

by Doug Ellison in PotsdamToday is about the Moon - the main conference hall has a series of presentations throughout the day - the first half being mainly about the European orbiter SMART-1. Mark Burchell (who spoke about Stardust yest...

Description: Europlanet : Simulating the SMART-1 impact

5. LPSC, Wednesday: More from the Moon -- SMART-1 and radar

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:02:00 CDT 2012)

Here's an update on Wednesday's lunar sessions at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference from image magician Ted Stryk. Many thanks to Ted for his detailed notes!Also, I want to point to the Martian Chronicles where Ryan Anderson wr...

Description: LPSC, Wednesday: More from the Moon -- SMART-1 and radar

6. SMART-1 Earthrise

(Web Page; Thu Jan 10 17:27:00 CST 2019)

Description: The SMART-1 lunar probe, a European Space Agency mission, captured this sequence of images as the Earth disappeared behind the moon and then re-emerged. The prominent landform is Brazil.

7. Is this SMART-1's impact site?

(Web Page; Sat Sep 19 09:08:00 CDT 2015)

Speaking of spacecraft crashing...I was reading the May 2010 issue of Icarus and came across a paper tersely titled "The SMART-1 lunar impact," by M.J. Burchell, R. Robin-Williams, and B.H. Foing. It was an interesting paper because ther...

Description: Speaking of spacecraft crashing...

8. SMART-1 lunar impact as seen from Earth

(Web Page; Thu Jan 10 17:40:00 CST 2019)

Description: The 3.6-meter optical/infrared Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) in Hawaii captured this impressive sequence of SMART-1 impact images showing before, during, and after the impact. The impact flash -- which lasted only about 1 millisecond -- may have been caused by the thermal emission from the impact itself or by the release of spacecraft volatiles, such as the small amount of hydrazine fuel remaining on board.

9. keywords-earth-moon

(Web Page; Wed Nov 06 18:11:00 CST 2013)

Pictures of: Earth · The Moon · Global views · Many worlds · Comparisons · 3D · Animations Pictures from: Earth-observing missions · deep-space missions · NASA lunar missi...

10. Bernard Foing

(Web Page; Tue May 03 05:58:00 CDT 2016)

Bernard Foing is the Chief Scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA), Executive Director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), and was Principal Project Scientist for SMART-1, the first European mission to the ...

Description: Bernard Foing is the Chief Scientist of the European Space Agency

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