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1. To the Moon with Kaguya

(Web Page; Tue Jan 22 16:31:00 CST 2013)

September 12, 2007: Flying into the Future September 14, 2007: Good to Go September 14, 2007: Liftoff! September 14, 2007: Observing the Launch - Japanese Style September 12, 2007 Flying into the Future Like a time traveler, I flew i...

Description: Cherilynn Morrow shares her experiences at the launch of Kaguya.

2. Kaguya launch wrapup

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

So Kaguya appears to be safely on its way to the Moon. It will orbit Earth for a couple of weeks first, performing three trajectory correction maneuvers, before entering a highly elliptical orbit at the Moon on October 3. There's a tim...

Description: Kaguya launch wrapup

3. Kaguya self-portraits

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

Kaguya continues to operate nominally. On Saturday, JAXA released two way-cool images taken by the spacecraft to document the successful deployment of two critical components, its high-gain antenna (for communications with Earth) and it...

Description: Kaguya self-portraits

4. Kaguya repairs complete

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

JAXA announced today that the replacement of two incorrectly installed condensers in Kaguya's two mini-satellites has been completed successfully, so the spacecraft is on track for launch. The launch of the lunar orbiter is scheduled fo...

Description: Kaguya repairs complete

5. LPSC: Kaguya sessions

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:02:00 CDT 2012)

It's time to begin dismantling my notes from attending the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on Monday. I want to take my time working through my notes from the MESSENGER sessions and go back and find illustrations (as the team app...

Description: LPSC: Kaguya sessions

6. New Kaguya images

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:10:00 CDT 2012)

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday week, JAXA issued a press release with images from another of Kaguya's many cameras, the Terrain Camera. It's a nice image at really high resolution; the enlarged version is 20 meters per pixel. (Th...

Description: New Kaguya images

7. Kaguya continues to operate well

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

Just after midnight (that is, 7 hours ago) I received an email from Shin-ichi Sobue, of JAXA, saying that they have confirmed successful deployment of Kaguya's solar panels. "So, Kaguya is alive!!! Yeah!" Also, Yasunori Matogawa confir...

Description: Kaguya continues to operate well

8. Kaguya now in its extended mission

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:00:00 CDT 2012)

Chandrayaan-1 arrived at the Moon at just about the time that Kaguya completed its primary mission and entered its extended mission. I've received some information from Shin-ichi Sobue at JAXA on the plans for Kaguya's extended mission,...

Description: Kaguya now in its extended mission

9. Kaguya is now in lunar orbit

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

JAXA confirmed this evening that Kaguya successfully entered orbit around the Moon, a highly elliptical orbit with an apogee of 11,741 kilometers above the surface and a perigee of only 101 kilometers; the spacecraft orbits once every 16...

Description: Kaguya is now in lunar orbit

10. Kaguya (SELENE) launch delayed

(Web Page; Mon Apr 23 02:11:00 CDT 2012)

According to a JAXA press release, the launch of the Kaguya lunar satellite, previously planned for August 16, is being delayed for an unknown length of time. Here's the explanation:When a ground test was prepared for another satellite ...

Description: Kaguya (SELENE) launch delayed

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