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Merc BoyanJanuary 6, 2016

#MarsWalk: 100 km

Making my way downtown! Walking fast—okay, not that fast. I’ve traveled just over 100 kilometers since starting my virtual journey from the Viking 2 lander to the Curiosity rover. That leaves just a few thousand to go. Along the way I’ve had a few slightly sore muscles and some tired feet, but nothing too bad. On Earth, I’ve been walking mostly on sidewalks with an occasional trail hike to spice things up. However, on Mars I would have been walking on harsher terrain. Rocks, sand, uneven paths, and of course no air would make this trip a lot more difficult if I were really on Mars. So, let’s see where I am!

#MarsWalk: 100 km

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / Merc Boyan

#MarsWalk: 100 km

The crater closest to me is the lovely Evpatoriya. It’s a nice little crater, about one kilometer in diameter. If I were on Mars I probably wouldn’t be able to see it. It’s about 20 km off to my left. About the same distance on my right is the crater Baykonyr. This one is a bit bigger with its almost 4 km diameter. One thing is certain so far, I’m glad that I’m typing these names and not trying to say them out loud. I’d be butchering the pronunciation.

As I head onward towards the Gale Crater and Curiosity, I’ll check back in from time to time and tell you a little about the Martian sights surrounding me. For now, I better get back to walking! Comedian Steven Wright once said, “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”

#MarsWalk: 2880 km

Merc Boyan
 Date  Kilometers Walked  Total
12/23/2015 2 79
12/24/2015 4 83
12/25/2015  2 85 
12/26/2015  0 85 
12/27/2015 88 
12/28/2015 1 89 
12/29/2015 1 90 
12/30/2015 0 90 
12/31/2015 7 97 
01/01/2016 5 102 
01/02/2016 2 104 

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