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Potential MSL Site: Mawrth Vallis

Ryan Anderson • September 17, 2008

The Mawrth Vallis landing site is actually a set of four possible landing ellipses in an area with huge clay mineral signatures that is cut by a meandering outflow channel.

Potential MSL Site: Eberswalde

Ryan Anderson • September 17, 2008

The Eberswalde site is interesting because it is unarguably the best example of a delta on Mars.

Potential MSL Site: Holden Crater

Ryan Anderson • September 17, 2008

The next landing site that we heard about was Holden Crater. Holden is a 154 km diameter crater formed early in martian history that happened to fall smack in the path of an extensive fluvial system.

Potential MSL Site: Nili Fossae Trough

Ryan Anderson • September 16, 2008

This morning we hit the ground running and heard about a very interesting site: the Nili Fossae Trough. This site would land in a big canyon formed when a block of crust dropped down.

Potential MSL Site: South Meridiani

Ryan Anderson • September 16, 2008

The south Meridiani landing site is a newcomer to the bunch. It was added earlier this summer as a replacement for the north Meridiani site.

Potential MSL Site: Miyamoto Crater

Ryan Anderson • September 16, 2008

Miyamoto crater is an ancient crater about 150 km southwest of where the Opportunity rover is right now. The potential landing site has some interesting mineralogy, particularly evidence for phyllosilicate (clay) minerals.

3rd MSL Landing Site Workshop: Engineering and Geobiology

Ryan Anderson • September 16, 2008

We covered a LOT today, so I have decided to split things up. This post will cover the talks in the morning and then I will give each site its own post.

MSL One Year from Launch

Ryan Anderson • September 15, 2008

One year from today, the Mars Science Laboratory will launch. It seems fitting that the workshop during which we choose the final three possible landing sites begins today.

MSL Workshop Eve

Ryan Anderson • September 15, 2008

It's almost time! Tomorrow the third Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site Workshop begins!

Last Year's MSL Landing Site Workshop: Day 3

Ryan Anderson • September 12, 2008

I'm in the airport on my way to California to participate in the third Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site Workshop, so I thought I would take this chance to post my blog entry from day three of last year's workshop.

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