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Akatsuki update: Failure to enter orbit due to insufficient fuel pressure

Emily Lakdawalla • December 10, 2010

An English-language article in the December 11 Yomiuri Shimbun summarizes the news from the Akatsuki press briefing held at 11:00 December 10 JST (last night, my time). It's succinct and clear so I'm reposting it here.

Come back, Venus.....

Emily Lakdawalla • December 09, 2010

This image is so, so beautiful, and so, so sad.

Akatsuki update, two days later

Emily Lakdawalla • December 09, 2010

I've got two more pieces of information to share on Akatsuki further to what I posted yesterday. The first one is a worrying detail about what went wrong during orbit insertion.

Akatsuki update, a day after the failure to enter orbit

Emily Lakdawalla • December 08, 2010

JAXA held two press briefings about Akatsuki yesterday. Reports in both English and Japanese based on these press briefings have cleared up some, but not all, of the mystery about what happened and what is to happen with Akatsuki.

Akatsuki has failed to enter Venus orbit

Emily Lakdawalla • December 07, 2010

There is a press briefing happening right now in Japan, and it's terrible news: Akatsuki failed to enter Venus orbit.

Akatsuki update: safe mode, still talking to Earth, but slowly

Emily Lakdawalla • December 07, 2010

A press release (PDF) was posted in Japanese on the Akatsuki website this morning with some official information on the mission status. Here is a translation of the text.

Something has not gone right with Akatsuki, but they have communications

Emily Lakdawalla • December 06, 2010

I was unable to follow Akatsuki's entry into Venus orbit in real time due to family obligations. Checking in now, about four hours after it was to have entered orbit, it seems that something did not go correctly, but not much information is available.

Akatsuki enters orbit at Venus today!

Emily Lakdawalla • December 06, 2010

In just a few hours, Venus will have a second orbiter. Japan's Akatsuki is due to start firing its orbit insertion engines on December 7.

Taking things slowly with IKAROS sail deployment

Louis D. Friedman • June 05, 2010

Planetary Society Executive Director Lou Friedman was at JAXA's Japanese Space Exploration Center to observe the deployment of IKAROS' solar sails.

Akatsuki captures goodbye shots of Earth

Emily Lakdawalla • May 22, 2010

Three of Akatsuki's six science instruments have now checked in as operating normally, producing lovely photos of the receding homeworld.

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