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Donna StevensOctober 19, 2016

Fall Issue of The Planetary Report is Here!

The fall issue of The Planetary Report is here! You can also pick up a digital copy here.

From its innermost planet to the far-flung worlds in its outer reaches, the solar system reminds us, over and over again, not to assume that we know it.

For example, it seems perfectly logical to assume that Mercury, with its close proximity to the Sun, would have far less water ice on its surface than the Moon, right? Wrong! Matt Siegler investigates the possible reasons for this mysterious distribution of H2O and what it might tell us about the origins of Earth’s water

The Planetary Society began advocating for a Pluto mission so long ago that it gives one pause to think that the New Horizons mission has already celebrated the one-year anniversary of its Pluto/Charon flyby.

New Horizons opened our eyes to what these worlds actually look like and to what complex and unique places they are. In our cover article, Kelsi Singer describes the jackpot of surprising data New Horizons returned.

We are thrilled to learn that NASA’s Mars 2020 mission has announced that their rover—a near copy of Curiosity with different instruments—will carry not one, but two different microphones! Bruce Betts tells us more about these instruments and looks at The Planetary Society’s long history of working to get microphones into the consciousness of Mars mission planners. Congratulations, it worked!

Want an inside look at how The Planetary Society contributes to congressional hearings on space? In this issue, Casey Dreier shares an excerpt from a recent statement we submitted regarding NASA’s budget.

Members’ Dialogue features lively discussion on space art and politics, our global network of volunteer outreach coordinators continues to grow, and Bill Nye celebrates the fruits of our focused, persistent labor—indeed, a labor of love.

For more than 35 years, The Planetary Society has been at the business of making citizens a part of space exploration. We’re making a difference. If you want to play a part in this work, we want to welcome you. Join us here.

Donna Stevens
The Planetary Report

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