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Emily LakdawallaOctober 30, 2006

Last two days to send your photo in to the New Horizons Digital Time Capsule!

Time's almost up to submit a photo to the New Horizons Digital Time Capsule! The deadline is Wednesday, November 1. Take a photo of something that you think will be transformed by the time that will elapse between now and when New Horizons approaches Pluto in 2015. The Grand Prize Winner of this contest will get to go to the Applied Physics Lab during New Horizons' Jupiter encounter at the end of February, a unique opportunity -- so send in your photo!

(Do, please, make sure it's your photo. A goodly number of the submissions we've received to date have obviously not been taken by the submitters. For example, it's pretty obvious that, unless you're an astronaut, you didn't shoot a photo of the International Space Station from above!)

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