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Casey DreierApril 17, 2015

The study team at JPL Will Present their Mars Program Concept at the 2015 Humans to Mars Summit

It’s been about two weeks since our first announcement of the Society’s new Mars initiative. We had great media coverage of our initial Humans Orbiting Mars workshop consensus points. SpaceNews had a particularly good article within the industry press, and we had great coverage from news outlets reaching a general audience like MSN News, Motherboard, and the New Yorker.

Bill Nye and the 'Humans Orbiting Mars' Workshop Chairs

Tushar Dayal for The Planetary Society

Bill Nye and the 'Humans Orbiting Mars' Workshop Chairs
Bill Nye shares a light moment with the chairs of The Planetary Society's Humans Orbiting Mars workshop, Dr. Scott Hubbard (center) and Dr. John Logsdon (right).

One of the most common questions, naturally, has been about the details of the humans to Mars program concept that was the centerpiece of our workshop. I'm happy to say that the JPL study team will be presenting their concept publicly at Explore Mars's 2015 Humans to Mars Summit on May 6th. Anyone can attend this event in Washington, D.C., and Planetary Society members even get a discount on registration (use the code TPSMars when you register here).

The June issue of the New Space Journal will also feature a detailed, peer-reviewed article from the JPL team about their Mars program concept.

Of course, we will have more discussion about this concept in our full workshop report, which will come out later this year.

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