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Casey DreierMay 9, 2013

Planetary Society Hangout: A Day in the Life of the Opportunity Rover with Emily Dean

Thursday, May 9, at noon PDT/1900h UTC

Emily Dean is a Pancam Payload Uplink Lead (Martian landscape photographer) on the Opportunity rover mission, which just celebrated its 9th year on the red planet.

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Emily has been involved with the Mars Exploration Rovers since she was in high school. While earning a degree in Art and Architectural History at Ithaca College, she continued to support the MER mission until she had the opportunity to take a full time operations position at Cornell.

Emily will take us through a day in the life of planning a day in the life of a rover on Mars. We will also explore how planetary exploration draws together people from diverse backgrounds to work on one of humanity's most exciting endeavors, how non-scientists and engineers can participate in  space missions, and how her training in art, design, and the liberal arts impacts her role working with the cameras on Opportunity

You can ask questions of our host, Casey Dreier, or Emily Dean by commenting on this post or using the hashtag #planetarylive on Twitter.

The video will be embedded above a few minutes before noon PDT on Thursday.

If you don't see the video or it is not working, please try reloading the page.

Endeavour's eastern rim, Opportunity sol 2678

NASA / JPL / Cornell / Damia Bouic

Endeavour's eastern rim, Opportunity sol 2678
The peaks of Endeavour's rim march into the distance in this view taken by Opportunity on sol 2678.

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