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Casey DreierApril 25, 2013

Planetary Society Weekly Hangout: 2014 NASA Budget Update and Planetary Defense Conference Recap

Thursday, Apr 25, at noon PDT/1900h UTC

Join me today as I discuss the latest 2014 Budget at NASA and what it does to Planetary Science (and what the Society is doing about it), plus other policy issues and the results of the Congressional hearings on NASA's Budget this week.

Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan joins us to discuss the Society's Planetary Defense Conference in Flagstaff, AZ, which wrapped up last week.

And our Senior Editor, Emily Lakdawalla, comes in at the end to talk about her recent trip to New York City for the press conference announcement of Mars One, the group that wants to land humans on Mars (and never have them return).

As always, you can ask us questions about any of these things (or anything else!) via Twitter with #planetarylive  or by commenting on this page or the YouTube video stream.

Update: You can see the all of the Planetary Defense Conference talks at

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