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Casey DreierDecember 13, 2012

Planetary Society Hangout Thursday noon PT / 2000 UT: GRAIL's Demise, Curiosity Arrives, and the 2020 Rover Surprise

Join us for the next episode of our weekly hangout series with the Planetary Society.

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On Thursday, December 13th, at noon PST, we'll feature Emily Lakdawalla and Bruce Betts from the Planetary Society to discuss the new announcment of where the GRAIL spacecraft will "deorbit" (i.e. crash) into the Moon, learn what the Curiosity rover is doing, and understand how we'll get to the new rover in 2020 and how the mission will be defined.

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We'll embed the hangout video right into this page or you can sign up to watch on our Google+ Event page.

As usual, we'll be taking questions from our viewers via Twitter (use hashtag #planetarylive), comments on the G+ event page, or comments on the YouTube page that will be broadcasting the hangout.




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