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Headshot of Bill Nye - Updated

"How do I get that lovely pin?" you may ask...

Posted by Bill Nye

07-11-2013 17:57 CST

Topics: fun, Planetary Society People, Planetary Society, Bill Nye

Since I was a kid, Bob Newhart has been just about the funniest human on the English-speaking parts of the Earth. And as you may know, The Big Bang Theory is the most popular show on television -- not just the most popular situation comedy, but the most popular show. Well, tonight, I'm on The Big Bang Theory with Bob Newhart.

Bill Nye and Bob Newhart in The Big Bang Theory Episode 7 Season 7:


Bill Nye and Bob Newhart in The Big Bang Theory Episode 7 Season 7: "The Proton Displacement"

I hope you watch closely enough to notice the pin in my lapel. It's our pin, The Planetary Society logo pin. I no longer have that pin, because Leonard's close friend, er… I mean, a woman accompanying Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard — thought it was just the coolest thing ever. So, I gave her that pin.  Frankly, I agree with her — it's the coolest logo pin ever. So, you're probably wondering how to get one.

Join The Planetary Society by November 15, and we'll send you a pin. Meanwhile, tune in tonight to The Big Bang Theory; watch for our logo pin, and turn it up LOUD…

Bill Nye in Front of Congress

Navid Baraty

Isn't it a beautiful pin?

 (Already a member? Call us at +1-626-793-5100 or email to find out how you can get your hands on one.)

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Christopher Neumann: 11/07/2013 08:21 CST


Hotphily: 11/07/2013 08:25 CST

Great Show - Cool Pin! So glad I taped it so I can watch it again with friends!!!

Tollan Wade: 11/08/2013 12:56 CST

Great show Bill.

Courtney Lorraine: 11/09/2013 01:00 CST

I've been waiting for your guest appearance on this show since episode 1! Cool pin!

Joey Joe Joe: 11/09/2013 05:59 CST

Fantastic episode! I loved the chemistry between Bill and Bob :) hehe. Cheers!

Edjcox: 12/08/2014 05:54 CST

Space is the most vexing of places to explore. It requires all manner of preparation and even invention to get out there and explore. This challenges our intellect and creativity to the max. It requires us to push to the very edge of our understanding knowledge and abilities. It challenges us to learn and move out into the most foreign of realms and the most hostile we can ever encounter. That is why every cent we have ever spent has benefitted us beyond measure. I advocate for space exploration. A quick glance at how you are reading this shows you a few things we invented and refined for space travel. Imagine how much more we will invent and learn!

Berenvelman: 11/07/2015 07:09 CST

I have applied for a spot as a volunteer for the Planetary Society, I wish I could become a full member but as a student I do not have the financial means to do so, I suppose that by joining the Society a full membership is meant. I have donated some money though, which of course is the most important, but I would like to know if I could get a pin. If not: I will become a full member once I can afford it anyways!

Berenvelman: 11/07/2015 07:16 CST

I would quickly like to add a comment, I just saw student and senior memberships, and I want to say how thoughtfull these offers are. I am willing to donate this amount and I am happy to contribute!

josenieve: 12/08/2015 06:11 CST

Not an exhaustive study, but a very interesting read is Mary Roach's book Packing for Mars. I have enjoyed all of her books that I have read; the journalistic style suits her well.

Jimmy: 11/18/2016 04:44 CST

Keep looking up!

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