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This is your Planetary Society and we want to hear from you.

1. What is most important to you as you envision our future in space?
Scientific exploration of the solar system      
Advancing innovative technology to take us farther into the solar system      
Discovering and understanding planets beyond our solar system      
Searching for extraterrestrial life      
Establishing human presence beyond Low-Earth orbit      
Finding ways to defend our planet from dangerous asteroids      
2. What role(s) would you like to play in The Planetary Society?
Seed new technologies to advance exploration      
Create our own space missions, like our LightSail solar sail      
Provide scientists and researchers with grants to enable discovery      
Advocate for increased exploration of our solar system      
Connect with other Members to share information and discuss space issues      
Support education programs to help create tomorrow’s space leaders      
Become a volunteer to bring Society events/initiatives to my community      
Increase my space IQ through The Planetary Report, Planetary Radio, videos and webcasts, and      
 3. Which of these Planetary Society projects and activities do you support?
Monitoring and deflecting potentially dangerous near-Earth asteroids and comets      
Advancing innovative technology      
Leading space exploration advocacy efforts      
Continuing the Search for Extraterrestrial Life      
Seeking Earthlike planets outside our solar system      
Building our own spacecraft, like the LightSail solar sail      
Educating and engaging the world in space exploration      
What else would you like us to do?  
4. What aspects of Planetary Society Membership appeal to you most?
Getting the latest insider information through The Planetary Report, Planetary Radio, website and events      
Planetary Radio, website and events      
Being part of the worldwide space community      
Advancing Planetary Society space projects      
Having my voice heard through Society advocacy work      
Sharing my space stories and images with like-minded people      
Having my name and message sent on missions to space      
Increasing my space IQ through online classes and tutorials for Members      
Opportunity to participate in the Annual Members Meeting webcast      
What else would you like us to do?
5. What do you think about these proposed new Society initiatives?
Expand our space advocacy efforts to coordinate and influence the world’s space agencies      
Guide the creation of a unified, international plan to protect Earth from dangerous asteroids      
Inspire a new generation of space explorers though an interactive Bill Nye-led education program      
Develop a long-term strategy for expanding human presence beyond low-Earth orbit      
Produce more events, such as an annual conference for Planetary Society Members      
Expand our presence worldwide by growing our Global Volunteer Network      
What else would you like us to do?