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Commenting Policy

Commenting is available on most posts on The Planetary Society's website. We love it when visitors engage with us and with each other on the latest discoveries, news and missions. However, as outlined below, we do have a few basic guidelines for use of the commenting areas within our website.

Courtesy: We encourage discussion on all posts within the comments area, but please treat others with respect. Defamatory language, insulting remarks, excessive profanity, and other similar commenting behavior is not permitted. Do not discuss or post about other users' personal identities. The Planetary Society reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comments and also ban users who repeatedly create such comments. Summary: Be nice.

Advertising: Promotional text and/or links to third-party products or services are not allowed in comments and will be deleted. Do not flood the comments section with multiple posts in a row. Summary: Nobody likes spam.

Self-Promotion: Comments consisting primarily of links to off-site content generated by the user with the intended primary purpose of redirecting readers are not welcome and may be removed. Summary: Don't be selfish.

Science: We are all excited with new discoveries and encourage discussion on space exploration. To keep discussions focused, please refrain from adding comments relating to conspiracy theories or pseudo-science. Summary: Keep it real.

Please see also the special comment policy regarding discussion of the IAU planet definition.

We look forward to many engaging and fun conversations!