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Lu Coffing

Headshot of Lu Coffing

Lu Coffing

Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

Lu Coffing has been with The Planetary Society for 33 years: 3 as a volunteer and 30 as staff. Her dreams of the future fuel endless passion for her job. "I hope that someday my great-great-great-great granddaughter will visit the future equivalent of a museum on Mars and will see that my name was on several of the early spacecraft that landed on Mars and know that I was an early supporter of space exploration."

You will generally find her typing on her computer surrounded by financial statements, notebooks, files, computer printouts, forms (IRS forms, state registration forms, insurance forms, business forms all of kinds) muttering to herself about budgets, monthly financial reports, taxes, bank statements, and journal entries. Her favorite thing is a balanced budget.

A woman who, luckily, looks great wearing just about any hat, she also sometimes escapes from the paperwork and has coordinated several events including Planetfests, led Society tours in Washington DC, Florida, and Tucson, and joined 4 geological expeditions. She loves talking with our members and listening to their stories about how The Planetary Society has impacted their lives. She’s been with The Society so long she’s “done just about everything.”

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