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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy Headshot

Brian Murphy

Manager of Major Gifts

[email protected]

Brian Murphy comes to The Planetary Society with a strong connection to space travel and exploration. Growing up in Southern California, Brian was a child of the Space Race. His father worked for North American Aviation, which produced the X-15 rocket plane, the second stage of the Saturn V rocket, along with the Apollo command module. Like many of his colleagues here at The Society, he was also an avid watcher of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series.

A development officer with twenty five years’ experience in raising major gifts, Brian seeks to develop significant relationships between our members and The Society, that will lead to philanthropic investment. In addition to his duties as Manager of Major Gifts, Brian serves as a co-chair of the alumni committee that has raised money for new swimming pool at his alma mater, Occidental College. He is also a part-time coach for a youth swimming team.

When not visiting with potential donors, Brian can be found at Society Headquarters, learning about life elsewhere, space advocacy, and space technology. Feel free to drop by and visit!

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