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The Planetary Society is proud to involve Earth’s public in the exciting and uplifting endeavor of space exploration, and is pleased to count as partners corporations, foundations, and planetariums who are working with us to shape the next age of exploration.

Our Corporate and Foundation partners provide program sponsorship of specific projects or Society initiatives, through directed charitable contributions.  They have helped make possible our educational Explorer’s Guide to Mars; our Red Rover Goes to Mars program; a workshop investigating the most efficient and economical way to move humans out of low Earth orbit; and our Cosmos Award for the Outstanding Public Presentation of Science.

Planetarium partners have joined with us to offer Planetary Society Members discounted or free admission.  To date, we have nearly 100 such partnerships.  We invite you to join us or to suggest a planetarium in your community to invite to join our ever-growing list of participants in our Planetarium Network.  You can learn about upcoming events at these planetariums and at science centers and museums around the world on our online events calendar.

The Society's Solar Sail project is a terrific example of partnership.  In addition to the support of our Members around the world, we are delighted to thank Cosmos Studios and its founder and CEO, Ann Druyan.  Cosmos Studios is a generous partner and sponsor of this cutting edge project that will pave the way to future travel to the stars.

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For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Richard Chute at [email protected] or via phone at 626/793-5100.

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